About us

Golf en Alicante is a new and dynamic company, composed of a group of experts in each of our areas focused on providing our clients a unique experience in one of the best valued destinations in Europe.

The developers of this amazing project have a key competitive advantage: we are located in the area where you will travel, we have a deep knowledge of the product offered, we enjoy the absolute confidence of our service providers and and we will give you the necessary support from the moment you set foot on our land until you return home.

We were not born to become a traditional tourism services agency. Our commitment goes beyond that. Our services are focused on providing each client a unique and personalised experience based on their own wishes, through the formula Personal Golf Travel.

What is the Personal Golf Travel formula?

Based on all the services that the province of Alicante can offer through Golf in Alicante (green fees, hotels, car rental, nautical services, sports, tickets to shows, restaurants, spas, theme parks, air sports…) we advise the clients through a close and trustworthy treatment to design their experience in Alicante.

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